One question we are frequently asked is “Where does your inventory come from?” The short answer is from you, our customers! For nearly 15 years (over 10 at our current location) Housewerks has traded in Architectural and Industrial antiques in Baltimore City.  During that time our company has cultivated a number of relationships in the building and demolition trades--our principal source for artifacts.  Most of the people within those industries started out as our customers, customers involved in projects that they felt might yield material that would fit our business’ needs.  We continue to work closely with that community to identify and purchase items of interest.  We have also relied heavily on collectors, other antique dealers, and fellow architectural enthusiasts to help us locate worthy inventory.  Know of a building coming down or undergoing redevelopment? Involved in renovation work or talked to a neighbor who is looking to downsize? Say something!  We are always looking to purchase objects of quality for our showroom.  Even  if you do not control the sale, we always pay generous finder’s fees for information leading to successful purchases.  Please do not hesitate to drop us a line!