We understand by the nature of our business that many of our customers are involved in remodeling and renovation projects.  It is not always practical or prudent to bring purchased items into a construction site.  Therefore, as a convenience to our customers, we are willing to store items acquired from us for up to 30 days- free of charge. At no time, however, will we be held responsible for the condition of those items  left in our care after their purchase. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure your item(s) are safe and secure, but we cannot be held liable in the event they are compromised IN ANY WAY.  If an item is left longer than 30 days and no prior arrangements have been made, you will be assessed a storage fee of $5 per day.  If after 90 days we have been unable to contact you, we will consider the property abandoned and the material will revert back to Housewerks’ ownership.  Under these circumstances, no reimbursements of any kind will be granted.