Can I temporarily store my purchase item? 

We understand by the nature of our business that many of our customers are involved in remodeling and renovation projects.  It is not always practical or prudent to bring purchased items into a construction site.  Therefore, as a convenience to our customers, we are willing to store items acquired from us for up to 30 days- free of charge. At no time, however, will we be held responsible for the condition of those items  left in our care after their purchase. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure your item(s) are safe and secure, but we cannot be held liable in the event they are compromised IN ANY WAY.  If an item is left longer than 30 days and no prior arrangements have been made, you will be assessed a storage fee of $5 per day.  If after 90 days we have been unable to contact you, we will consider the property abandoned and the material will revert back to Housewerks’ ownership.  Under these circumstances, no reimbursements of any kind will be granted.   


What are the standards of lighting fixtures?

Houswerks has a large selection of antique and vintage lighting. Salvaged lighting can generally be expected to be made with high-quality, durable materials, often unmatched by their modern counterparts. They are, however, used electrical appliances and require careful examination by a licensed electrician prior to installation in your home or business. The fact that a fixture is old is no reason to conclude it is inherently unsafe, but it must be checked out by a professional before putting it into service. Caveats aside, we are happy to assist you in sourcing a safe and reliable rewiring business should it be necessary.


Will my furniture fit?

Housewerks’ staff go to great lengths to accurately describe the appropriate use and installation of artifacts in its inventory. Our recommendations however, are only as good as the information with which we are provided. It is your responsibility to carefully measure (twice) and understand the variables associated with pressing your new salvage purchase into service. Don't assume anything is "standard" about antique & salvaged items--much was customized in the era before unified building codes and Big Box stores.


Do you deliver?

As a convenience to our customers, Housewerks is frequently asked to deliver items we sell. The cost of this service is dependent on the type of transport required, the distance traveled, the number of delivery men needed and other specific logistical requirements.  It is imperative that you accurately measure to ensure an item will fit and that any obstructions (ie car in driveway, toys on the living room floor, etc) are removed. Sometimes a third-party delivery service is required. We have worked with a couple of outfits that have proved reliable and are happy to help coordinate a pick up at our warehouse. Understandably, we cannot be held responsible for any problems that may arise from employing any of these outside companies.


Can we place a hold on items?

We understand that at times it may be necessary to evaluate a prospective purchase more thoroughly before committing to it. This evaluation may take the form of confirming measurements, checking with a contractor or spouse about installation logistics, applicable codes or aesthetic concerns. In the meantime, this reasonable, due- diligence legwork may lead to the unhappy circumstance of losing out to another interested party. What to do? No worries. Housewerks has long-held a "first refusal" policy to ensure that no item on a first refusal "hold" is sold without an attempt to contact you. We are happy to call/text/email any and all contact points you have left us. We are not, however, happy to lose a sale. Therefore, if we are able to reach you,  you will be asked to make an immediate decision or else forfeit your "rights" to the artifact in question. If we are unable to make contact and have not heard back from you by telephone or email within 5 minutes, the piece can be sold at our sole discretion.  Sometimes the best way to determine the viability of a potential purchase is to take it for a test drive. Many, but not all of the items in our inventory may be taken to your space to see if you really want it. You will be required to purchase or return the item(s) within 3 days unless other arrangements have been made. It goes without saying that the items are your responsibility once they leave our warehouse and you will be on the financial hook if they are damaged or lost. Artifacts will be photographed for reference for our mutual protection and a deposit for the full retail amount may be requested.